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Issue No. 3




Text Box: New Residents and  New Houses

To renovate one house and construct a new one, over the course of this year, is a monumental task.  Ken Moon, Resident Administrator, has been heard to say, “We can do the impossible, miracles just take longer!”  However, Ken is quick to point out; it is only our Great God who can do the impossible!  One thing we know, God always sends the right man (men) at the right time to accomplish the task.  We believe that He has led these wonderful folks to live at Missionary Acres and we believe that He will supply the skilled laborers necessary to do the work.


Our immediate need this spring (actually, today!) is for men who can put in the foundation for the new house.  We need skilled masons and concrete workers.  We have had several groups who have volunteered to frame the new house.  However, without the foundation in place this will not be possible.  We also have other concrete projects like three driveways to pour.  Please Pray that God will provide for these immediate needs!  Contact Ken Moon, immediately, at 573-429-5150, if you can help with these projects.

Residents enjoy interaction with

Sung Won, foreign exchange student living with the Moons.


Lot # 70

Text Box: New Houses = Need For Volunteers

 Volunteers Transforming Lot # 68

Text Box: New Representatives Appointed for MA










 When Pillsbury Baptist Bible College, Owatonna, MN closed its doors on December 31, 2008, Dr. & Mrs. Jack Cribbs thought their active service for the Lord would come to a close.  However, God had different plans.  The Cribbs have recently been appointed as short-term Missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions.  They will now serve as representatives for Missionary Acres in churches and conferences.  Jack & Kitty come to Missionary Acres with plenty of experience in the ministry and in the area of Development.  Jack, a Highway Patrolman in PA, was saved at the age of 32.  He attended Bob Jones University and has received a Master of Ministry and a Doctor of Ministry from Bethany Theological Seminary.  Jack pastored Churches in White Cloud, Kansas; Chattanooga, Tennessee and Rochester, New Hampshire.  He and Kitty served the Lord as missionaries in Thornbury, England.  Jack has served on the staff of Bob Jones University, Pensacola Christian College and Pillsbury Baptist Bible College.   Kitty has been a conference speaker for many years.


 Jack’s goal as representative for Missionary Acres is to raise the awareness among

Churches and Mission Boards about this special ministry.  Jack’s  desire is to recruit

new  residents  and   staff,  and to secure  funds to  build  five new  houses  here, and

raise  additional  monthly support for  the MA Maintenance  & Development Fund.

The  Cribbs  will relocate to Missionary Acres as soon  as   their  House in  Minnesota

is  sold.   Jack and  Kitty  celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary  on January 24, 2009. 


Excitement around Missionary Acres is building as we look forward to three new couples relocating to Missionary Acres in the next 12-15 months.  Jack and Kitty Cribbs will be the new residents at Lot #70.  They will relocate to MA as soon as their house in Minnesota sells.


Joe and Jerry Sue Lantz will be the new neighbors of Mrs. Marilee Ostrander on Oak Lane.  The Lantz family serves with EBM in southern France.  They have requested that we construct a new house for them on Lot #33.  This new house will have three bedrooms and two  full bathrooms.  The Lantzs anticipate moving to Missionary Acres in January 2010.


Lot #68 and its existing double wide trailer will be the future home of Bill and Jan Paton.  The Patons serve with BCP and are currently pastoring a church in Illinois.  We are in the process of rehabbing the existing house. Additions will be put on the North and East sides of the house.  A two-car garage is on the drawing board for the south side of the house.  The Patons have not set a date for their retirement.


Heather (Moon) Wills

August 1, 2008

Daughter of Ken & Lynne Moon

Feb.13, Valentine Banquet
Feb 27,  Game night
Mar 10,Bowling, Pizza Party
Mar. 27 Ladies Conference
Apr. 2-3, Overnight Trip to Hannibal, MO.
 Apr.13-14 OARBC Meeting
May 1-2 Garage Sale

Sung won Hong

Residents enjoy interaction with

Foreign Exchange Student from

Korea, living with the Moon Family.

Administrator’s daughter, Heather (Moon) Wills,

Marries August 2,  2008


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